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On Tuesday, January 24, 2017 the Calaveras County Board of Supervisors made committee assignments. As the Representative for District 2, I was appointed as the Board Representative to the following committees:

Calaveras-Amador Mokelumne River Authority
Meets every other month.
Joint Powers Authority including Amador County, Amador Water Agency, Jackson Valley Irrigation District, C
alaveras County, CCWF, CPUD.

Children and Families First Committee (First 5)
Meets first Friday of the month: 9:00 -11:00 am, First Five Office.
Provides leadership to make early childhood development a focal point for the community.

Environmental Services- JPA (RCRC)
Meets 6 times a year in Sacramento.
RCRC- Environmental Services to Counties.

Fish and Game Commission
Meets 4th Wednesday of the month: 5:30 pm, Board Chambers.
Makes recommendations on matters concerning county-wide fish and wildlife programs and activities.

Local Government Finance Authority (RCRC)
Meets 6 times a year in Sacramento.
RCRC- Local Finance.

Mental Health Board
Meets first Tuesday of the month: Behavioral Health Building, San Andreas.
Reviews and evaluated the community’s mental health needs, services, facilities and special problems. Makes recommendations to the Board of Supervisors and the Mental Health Director.

Mokelumne River Association
Meets every other month.
Water agencies and governments with interests on the Mokelumne River.

Mokelumne River Watershed Ad Hoc Committee
Meets on an as needed basis to address issues related to the Mokelumne River watershed.

Regional Council of Rural Counties (RCRC)
Meets 6 times a year in Sacramento.
A board representing thirty five rural counties that champions policies on behalf of rural counties.

Rural Home Mortgage Finance Authority (RCRC)
Meets 6 times per year in Sacramento.
RCRC- Provides mortgage assistance to rural residents.

Sierra Nevada Conservancy
Meets 6 times per year at various locations.
State Board that represents the Sierra Nevada to the State of California and providing strategic direction.

Upper Mokelumne River Watershed Authority (UMRWA)
Meets Quarterly.
JPA- with Calaveras County, Amador County, Amador Water Agency, CCWD, CPUD, EBMUD, Jackson Valley Irrigation District and Alpine County Water Agency. Performs water resource planning for the region and seeks funding for local agency implementation activities.

If you have questions/issues about these committees, please give me a call at (209) 286-9003 or send an email to jgarmendi@co.calaveras.ca.us